Attività e laboratori per bambini e scuole, con attività di scoperta della flora e della fauna del biolago e laboratori con l’utilizzo di tutto ciò che offre la natura


  • La flora e la fauna del biolago, la sua importanza per conservare la biodiversità nel territorio.
  • Il processo di metamorfosi:  dal acqua, alla terra, al cielo…
  • La importanza della raccolta del acqua piovana e suoi utilizzi.


  • Dipingiamo il laghetto e suoi amici utilizando tutto quello che abbiamo in natura.
  • Ricalchiamo le foglie con l’argilla,  ( ogni ragazzo si portara a casa lo stampo in regalo)
  • Percorso olfativo, impariamo a riconoscere le erbe amiche…?



  • The flora and fauna of the biolake, and their importance in conserving the biodiversity of the area.
  • The process of metamorphosis: of the water, of the earth, of the air…
  • The importance of harvesting rainwater and its uses.


  • Draw pictures of the lake and its friends using materials that we find in nature.
  • Make impressions of leaves in clay; every child carries home the impression as a gift.
  • An olfactory tour: learn to recognize the aromatic herbs.

The agritourism

We offer either an independent apartment or a room in our home.

The independent apartment includes use of a sunny and beautifully decorated kitchen; for those who choose the room in our home we provide an excellent breakfast featuring our own products, including our specialty, hibiscus jam.

In either case, here you can discover the world of aquatic plants, swim in or relax near our bio-lake.
Our home is located in Moretta, a small town, more than a thousand years old, of picturesque gardens and charming historic streets, in the heart of Piedmont. Surrounded by nature, we also have access to all conveniences: the supermarket, the pharmacy, the library, the bus stop, and the post office are all minutes away by foot.

Parking is available either in accessible spaces outside our home or in our garage.

The nearest train station is only eight kilometers away at Racconigi.
We are located near the following sites of interest:

The Langhe This region of hills, valleys, and historic towns produces some of the world’s most famous wines (Barbaresco, Barolo…) and is a picturesque spot for hikes and picnics,with a castle surmounting nearly every hill. The region is also famous for truffles and in October people come from all over the world to hunt for them.

Saluzzo This beautiful town, capital of the historic Marquisate, contains several churches of great beauty and a fine museum in the former Marquis’ Palace.

Turin, one of Italy’s great cities, filled with museums, palaces (it was the capital of the Savoy kings) and elegant pastry shops, bars, and cafes, still exudes Baroque splendor and the elegance of Art Nouveau.

Several mountains of great beauty and interest are located nearby, as are the ski slopes of Crissolo and Pian Mune.

Finally, not far away are Liguria and the sea, with Portofino, Cinque Terre, and other lovely seaside resorts.

For all of these we offer our services as expert tour guides, as drivers, or, for those who wish to travel independently, simply as sources of information and advice.